Best Kitchen Designers in London 

A kitchen is the most important room in a home. Apart from being a place where to prepare meals, it offers space for storage, communication, and seating. A home without a well-designed kitchen is virtually empty and lacks direction.

Using our modular design approach, we can help design your dream kitchen to make your house a home.  Here’s how

Our Free Kitchen Design Service

Whether your kitchen needs renovation, refurbishment, bespoke joinery, or fitting in London, our free kitchen design service will cater to your needs. Our kitchen designers will review your current kitchen using computer-aided software to develop a design that matches your preferences.

Even when you have ideas about your dream kitchen after checking out kitchen showrooms of different kitchen companies, we can bring them to life with 3D drawings. 

How We Design Your Dream Kitchen

Our kitchen designers will transform your home thanks to our professional and experienced team. We use high-tech design technology in our design studio to produce visual models for you to see and feel how your kitchen ideas will come out.

For our kitchen sales, we collaborate with clients to choose all appliances, styles, colours, and textures while offering free kitchen design advice. Doing this ensures that we create bespoke kitchens that exceed clients’ expectations.

Our kitchen designers have enough experience taking on kitchen designer jobs London. We’ll create an innovative space that will make life easier while complementing your interior design.

We Provide 3D Kitchen Designs 

As part of our free kitchen design service, we provide 3D kitchen ranges to give you a realistic impression of what your traditional kitchen will look like after the makeover. We also do a home visit where our London kitchen designer will come to take measurements. 

A 3D kitchen design allows visualizing what your contemporary design kitchen will look when completed. You can visualise your choice of colours, flooring, interior design, bespoke cabinetry, joinery, and other features.

Afterwards, you can choose to adjust the features and style to match your preferences. It saves you from relying on physical samples that may not precisely bring out the actual look of your London kitchen. Or spending time visiting kitchen showrooms of different kitchen companies for inspiration. 

Why Design Your Dream Kitchen With Us

Apart from our exceptionally high-quality materials and comprehensive service, there are various reasons to choose our bespoke kitchen design service for your project. 

Outstanding Designs

A well designed kitchen serves a crucial function and should reflect your personality. Your Kings Road London SW kitchen should be a beautiful backdrop to your living area. 

We are a kitchen retailer who understands the importance of this space to you and takes no chances to ensure that it matches your kitchen furniture and interior design. 

Our highly experienced kitchen designer will take on a project management role and offer free design consultation while handling all kitchen designer jobs London. This ensures that we offer a practical kitchen that complements your lifestyle.

We offer gorgeous signature kitchen collections that you won’t find in other kitchen showrooms. Kitchens designed using our modular design approach are meticulously customised using advanced manufacturing technologies to match your needs and interior design. 

Exceptional Quality Kitchens

When you decide to transform your London kitchen, you want to be sure it’s flawless and stands the test of time. At Grandeur Kitchens, we are a London kitchen retailer that takes pride in sourcing exceptional quality materials. We get this from the leading kitchen design brands at a fantastic price. 

Flawless Process From Start To Finish

Transforming a London kitchen is a complex process that may give you second thoughts. At our boutique design firm, we take away all your worries by offering bespoke kitchen joinery.

We’re a kitchen company that takes pride in exceeding customer expectations whether you need a modern kitchen, bathroom vanities, or a traditional shaker style kitchen.

Our clear communication allows updates for complete peace of mind that your ideas are becoming a reality. 

Expert Managed Process

A lot goes into building handmade kitchens, from plumbing to painting. The journey also requires a combined effort from various tradesmen. Avoiding quality problems and logical issues requires expert management. 

At Grandeur Kitchens, our London kitchen designer will offer free design consultation and your kitchen ideas to finalise your kitchen project design. 

Professional Installation

To make your space live up to your expectation, you need to work with the best North London interior designers. We handle the installation of handmade kitchens with ultimate precision and attention to detail that complements clients’ interior design and kitchen furniture. 

Grandeur Kitchens offers complete peace of mind that nothing will go amiss while installing modern kitchens. Our highly experienced team of professional kitchen fitters will do a great job installing a well designed kitchen that exceeds your expectations. 

Our Kitchen Design Process 

Here are the steps we go through to build fit kitchens for all our clients.

Step 1: Book an Appointment

The first step to getting your dream kitchen is to book an appointment with us. You fill out a form on our website and date when you’ll be available to talk to any of our professional consultants.

Be prepared to ask all questions you may be having before spending your money on a designed kitchen. After the appointment, we’ll go to the next step in the process.

Step 2: Design Development

This is a crucial stage in producing a bespoke kitchen design. Consider what you’re looking to achieve and your expectations at the end of the project. We recommend checking our London kitchen ranges or other kitchen showrooms.

The step also includes conceptualizing your kitchen design to choose one that speaks to you better. Our kitchen designer can tweak or improve your kitchen project design after considering everything you want in a Kings Road London SW style kitchen. 

At the end of this stage, we’re likely to agree on the concept of your modern kitchen, including materials, finishes, Howdens joinery and layout. However, we can talk about other ideas in the later stages if you get any from our kitchen collections. 

Step 3: Design Presentation 

Since we offer bespoke fit kitchens, we present a beautiful design for your kitchen after tweaking or improving it according to your suggestions. This is a fun part where we present your dream kitchen in 3D to guide you around your space in virtual reality. 

You’ll enjoy seeing your choice of kitchen fixtures and how they blend. Our kitchen company has experienced North London interior designers to make any changes you suggest on the spot. 

Step 4: Design Approval 

After seeing your kitchen design concept, we await your approval and confirmation of your order. If you still need adjustments, we will make them accordingly and present them again for your approval.

After approving the design or Howdens joinery, you must confirm your order, and then we go to the next step. 

Step 5: Site Survey

We send an experienced kitchen sales designer to your home to take measures. The site survey will measure the width of the kitchen walls and spaces. Equally important is verifying the location of the pipes and drainage.

Other key tasks include checking whether the walls have a 90-degree angle or not. We also check for anything protruding from the walls and the position of the tiles. 

Step 6: Sign Off

After finalising your joinery kitchen design, the next step is to sign the contract. We can also discuss some last-minute ideas you may have. You can also ask some lingering questions if you have any.

All bespoke kitchens designed by our London kitchen designer include clients’ ideas regarding cabinetry finish, appliances, door style, colour, and timeline. This allows turning a client’s traditional kitchen into a modern kitchen.

Step 7: Installation

This is the final stage where we send our professional kitchen designer to your home to install your traditional shaker-style kitchen. The kitchen designer will have a checklist of the items for installation and work efficiently and smoothly.

Our London kitchen designer will also work according to your schedule, causing as little disruption as possible. After installing and handing over the modern kitchen to you, we shall always keep in touch to ensure everything is as it should be. 


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